Promo codes in the new app

My kickr bike came with a 2 month sufferfest promo code. Is there still a way to use it with the new systm app?

Yes it should still work as normal as far as I understand. But if you want to double check, ping

There is no way to enter promo codes anymore, hence why I am asking. Their new promo code format is link-based.

I think at the moment you have to do subscriptions on the web site… But definitely ping the minions as the vouchers themselves are definitely still valid

I am not sure there is a way to enter the codes even on the website. I have emailed the support email you posted.

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I am having the same issue.
My promotion code from my brand new KICKR SNAP is not working anymore :frowning:.

I just spoke with the support. There is no way currently to use the old codes, but they can check/redeem them for you via email. In the future, the SYSTM app will automatically detect if you have a wahoo product and give you extra free months.