Spin down directly in new SYSTM app?

I use the wheel-on Kickr Snap w/ the Sufferfest. Like many others, I do a 10-minute warm up and then exit the Sufferfest app, open the wahoo app, do the spin down, and go back to Sufferfest app for my ride.

Does the new app have a spindown feature so I don’t have to do this anymore? If so, can you tell me where to find more info? If not, why not?

Thank you.


Good idea!

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Being an over 50 rider I always thought the warmups and cool downs were too short. I used to take a virtual ride on one of the other software programs to warm up, then jump into Sufferfest. Cool downs I usually would just spin for awhile after the workout ended.

I always wished Sufferfest would’ve had the ability to take into account a riders age and other factors to combine with 4DP in the workouts but assumed it was beyond the technical capabilities of it or it would’ve already been there, so I just worked around that limitation.

Warmups and cool downs would be a great addition.


SYSTM doesn’t have spindown functionality at the moment but from reading DC Rainmaker’s review it sounds like it is on the list of features ‘coming soon’


There is a post on this topic from the coaches. I generally use Ignitor as a warm-up but sometimes use Ready, Steady, Go.


Excellent article and makes complete sense.

Now wondering if I’m doing it wrong? I have the Snap as well - I just usually start in Wahoo, do the spin down, then close it out and open Sufferfest. Is the 10min warmup for you, the bike, or the Snap?


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I have a snap as well, how often are you doing the spin down? Now I’m thinking I should do it more often after reading your posts

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I spin down before every ride. I feel like I’m calibrating the trainer. I’m wondering what everyone else does.

I’m referring here to the recommended 10-minute spin to warm up the bike and Kickr Snap prior to calibrating it using the spin down feature in the Wahoo app. It’s just a pain to switch apps in the middle of a ride, and since the Sufferfest is no more (huge disappointment), it’d be nice to have all the features of the old Wahoo app and SYSTM app in one place.

You’re going to make me go back and read the manual, aren’t you? :wink:

Anyone know or able to comment on what actually the “10min warmup” for the Snap and bike actually does? Like I said, I key up the Wahoo app as soon as I get on the bike and follow the on-screen guides to “slowly” spin up to 22.4mph. I then queue up SUFF for my ride.

As far as I know it’s to ensure your trainer is up to optimum temperature so that the resistance to overcome friction is reduced and calibration will be more accurate.


I always thought it was a pain to have to ride for 10 minutes to warm up the trainer before riding a hard 1 hr or more session. What I do now is that when I put the bike on the trainer for the season, I do an initial 10 minute warm up and spindown in Wahoo. I do the session in SYSTM. When the session is over, I switch to Wahoo and do a spindown again the end of the session.

For the rest of the year, I make sure my tire is pumped up to the same pressure as the previous session, and start my session in SYSTM. Then when the session is over, I switch to Wahoo, and do the spindown. Basically, I use the session as the warm up for the spindown. Spindown numbers have been consistent, and I’ve cut 10 minutes off the time I took to train. Works for me.

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Is “season” a typo? Or are you calibrating at beginning/end of each workout?

Meant to say when I put the bike on the trainer for season. I’m lucky enough to have two road bikes and when the “inside" season comes, I leave one bike on the trainer for the winter with a trainer wheel and tire on it until end of April. That way I don’t have to reset the trainer and bike combo each time I use it.

Ooof! This makes me think that I’m never training with proper numbers. I set up and take down my bike every time, and mostly just make sure that I turn the pressure knob the same number of turns each time :grimacing: (Kickr Snap, wheel-on model)
I’ve done a spin down…but don’t do it every time. Or even every week…

A spindown with each ride is best practice/the ideal. I use the Kickr Snap, and because I leave the bike on the trainer all winter, and spindown after the activity, it’s no big deal.

But as long as you don’t take the bike off the trainer and pump up to the same pressure before each ride, you can probably get away with less frequent spindowns (like weekly) and your power numbers should be reasonably consistent. My spindown numbers have varied within a .5 second window.

But in taking the bike off the trainer and putting it back, it on creates a larger change in resistance because of changes in the contact between the wheel and the trainer. You should do a spindown then so the power numbers are consistent.

I have an older bike I use all season on the KICKR SNAP.

I put some tape on the hand crank so I know the starting point. I pump my tire to the same pressure and I turn the crank the same number of revolutions as I used when I did the spin down. I only redo the spindown when I do HM to ensure accuracy.

I always release the hand crank when I’m done and I pump my tire once a week.

I think this would work even if I took the bike off each time. At least it would be close enough.

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I use a kickr snap like many of you. Agreed that a spin down w/in the app would be nice. Previously I’d forget to spin down before a workout and feel short on time. After doing the mental training plan, I started incorporating the 10 mins needed to warm up the bike and spin down as part of my own warmup and mental focus routine, turning an onerous task into a beneficial moment for me.

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If understand correctly the 10 minute warm-up was recommended only for the old Snap. The lastest model with the lights only needs a spin down and you can start riding (if you want consistent readings). I believe on the older model it gave the bearings and such time to warm-up so that you could have more consistent power figures. You can’t access that longer calibration anymore as it’s not necessary.