Protect "The Hunted" at ALL Costs!

So I just finished being ‘hunted’ for an hour. What a great vid! As @SirElisKoS said, great tunes, engaging story line, fantastic workout AND LA, Scleckicles, and Gesink suffering ‘avec souplesse’. Bravo once again @David.McQuillen.KoS but please…do NOT archive this gem!


Yeah, The Hunted nearly broke me in my KoS. But will always have a warm/tortured place in my heart.



Cap’n Sir, you’re torturing me with your block quote followed by the same text :wink:

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Whoops. Sometimes my quote button does weird things…



:joy: :joy:

Is this a new rank?? I feel he is just trying to provide meaningful content…

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He is a Captain and there’s some kinda rule somewhere I read on the internets that Captain comes before Knighthood when addressing these folks so…

As for his content, 100%!!…but he’s gone and edited the post I was originally commenting on so the context of my witty repartee is lost and I just look like an idiot (I am an idiot :man_shrugging:t3: ).

…birds of a feather. I do appreciate an idiot with a rapier wit!

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No, I screwed up my post. Fixed it after Sir @Glen.Coutts called me out.