Questions on SYSTM workouts in RGT

I realize this feature is only five seconds old, but I have a couple of questions anyway.

  1. Tonight I rode G.O.A.T in RGT. I had it scheduled on my calendar. The SYSTM app doesn’t seem to reconcile the RGT ride as completing G.O.A.T. (which is one of the monthly challenge rides).

Is this something that will be coming later? For now I just marked it complete. It’s far from a big deal.

  1. The text of the workout (info, prompts) didn’t display in RGT. I just kept my eye on the cadence targets and it was still great, but same question…will the workout text eventually make it into the RGT workouts as well?

Thank you! As an Apple TV user, this is such a welcome new feature for me. The future is bright.


This is correct. SYSTM rides completed in RGT don’t sync with the scheduled rides on the SYSTM calendar to show them as complete… at this time.

But we are assured by The Company that it will at some future date. Hopefully soon.


as an Apple TV user, I think it would be great if they just imported the videos across as well and then we can have the majority of System and RGT in one place. Sure the S&C would be somewhere else, but most people would physically do that in a different location.

I agree that it would be useful to link back to system as that is where programmes are created. Would also be useful to link to Garmin as mentioned in other threads.

@tolstoi Correct - they haven’t added that functionality yet but I suspect it will come at some point.

@tolstoi Good question - seems like that would be more difficult as I suspect that the text is embedded into the workout videos on SYSTM but it definitely is a good idea.


I don’t believe that is true. At least not in the literal sense. I think the text is overlayed as it can be edited without affecting the vid. Zwift offers text on screen for their workouts (or so it seems, as I’ve seen screenshots of folks who’ve done them).

Adding the motivational, and instructional text would be great, adding the story text would be weird. So while adding text prompts is a worthwhile goal, it really would be a fair amount of work since it wouldnt just be cut and paste. Except for the No-Vids. Those ones would be more straightforward.

For now, I look at this as simply an indoor way to do the outdoor versions of the SYSTM workouts. And, just like outdoors, I’m not looking for screen prompts.


I’m adding to this thread with a follow-up question.

I schedule workouts in SYSTM so they show up on my calendar. When I complete them in RGT, the completed RGT ride shows up as a completed workout on the SYSTM calendar. Am I correct to assume that the best practice is to delete the “incomplete” SYSTM workout from the calendar? This won’t affect my plan or progress, right?

It would be cool if SYSTM would look at the data in the RGT file and recognize it as the fulfillment of the planned SYSTM workout and merge them. does this today.

@mjpeterson37 Try dragging the planned workout over the completed RGT workout. They should link and the workout should turn green. I think eventually the entries will combine automatically - like what happens with SYSTM and outside rides.


Perfect! Thanks!

I just wanted to add that I think the text overly in RGT is potentially closer then we might guess, at least I hope so. When I did the RGT session with Sir Neal at the end of the Wahoolimabob Tour, they had some scheduled on screen prompts. Those may have been very course specific since it was a workout group ride on the same course, but still…