Rgt upload to system?

Is there any possibility of a feature to be able to ride your system work outs on rgt? I find being able to ride inside a virtual world mote entertaining at times then the pre recorded videos specailly if i want to just do a free ride. Maybe im missing something and theres a way to sync them to your system calander

Hi Demon,

That feature isn’t available yet but is something that we are working on!


Are we talking soon or a way out thing?Its Kinda odd to be integrated to other programs but then lack integration with your own.

I haven’t tested this with RGT, but have done it with Zwift plenty of times for workouts. Open RGT and select a Route. Under sensors, look at the trainer. Both Power and Control are selected. Un-select Control. So RGT will only look at the power without controlling the trainer.
Then go to SYSTM and operate as you normally would. SYSTM will control the workout but your avatar in RGT should move based on your power output.


Hmn intrsting sounds like it may be possible on pc if you run both at the same time. But idk on if i can do that on my android device

@Devries I can confirm that method works with RGT as well - I tried it last Saturday. I also successfully created a few of the NoVid workouts in TrainingPeaks and then sent them to workouts@rgtcycling.com and they appear almost instantly within the app in the workout section under uploaded. It is easiest to do with the NoVids since the workout instructions are included in the description but I was also able to do it for one of the GCN workouts - Sprint Efforts. I just played the video and moved the slider to each section and wrote down the interval times and FTP targets and the set the workout up in TP and imported it to RGT.

Note that if you just play a workout in RGT without also running it within SYSTM you will have to manually check off that the workout was completed so that it turns green on the calendar. I know that they are focused on importing outside rides to the calendar at some point and my guess is that is they may do the same for RGT rides as well or alternatively the SYSTM and RGT platforms become integrated in a different way so that workouts will match up in the calendar regardless of the platform used.

For now I just track my metrics within TP but look forward to the day when there is a more integrated solution among the Wahoo products.

Just curious as I don’t use TP, but it seems so much easier to run both SYSTM and RGT at the same time, so why do you go through the time with creating them in TP and sending them to RGT?

@Devries That is a fair questions. Basically I had already created some workouts in TP for rides that I planned to do outside and I was curious about the process of transferring them to RGT.