Quick question to use erg on spins

Hi there ,
Quick question, I am a newbie to the app and have a new kickr. When doing the training sessions how do I know if I should be using erg or using the level modes.

Sorry if this is a stupid question and I should have rtfm, I might have been too eager to get training

You might find this helpful to work out which vids to use in level or ERG mode. Personally I use ERG in all put really short sharp sprint sessions on a Kickr Core…

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Beat me to it. Needs an update (cough) MINIONS (cough).

I think this list is the go to guide:

If you want to change from erg to level (and vice versa) it’s the cog icon and there is a drop down menu where the trainer is listed.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the response :slight_smile:

And if you’re using a laptop or computer, you can use the number keys (and tilde for ERG?) as shortcuts. Or if you have a Wahoo computer on your bike, you can control levels from there as well.

Also, if you want to fine tune your levels, rather than just guess:

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Thanks for this, really good to know.

I got my first true suffering session when doing butter with the level set to 2.
Thanks again for the advise. Looking for to my day off :slight_smile:

I had standing starts this evening so your comment was very helpful and opportune, thanks.

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