Raymond Poulidor

I’d just like to say what a fantastic documentary this was and how inspiring Poulidor himself was. Tremendously humble. Really enjoyable.

Thanks to all involved in presenting this material through SYSTM.


Absolutely, same from me. I have almost no knowledge of cycling history and I was totally absorbed from start to finish. In fact I didn’t want it to end. From hardly having heard the name, I completely adored the man by the end.
The frank discussion of doping and his stance towards it, also Fantastic.


Yah “Poulidor” was great - both the man and the video. One of the few inspirations I’ve streamed more than once in a plan. Absolute legend.


Good to know. I ride it later today.

ToS prep? I will admit I wasn’t going to watch it for a third time, so queued up GCN+ to watch the replay of the Belgian Women’s National CX championships. Gads!

An army base on the North Sea coast, blasting rain and wind, mud, cobbles, AND A @#$% BEACH on the course. And Sanne Cant wins #13 in. a. row. Just sick.

Geography question: Sufferlandria is somewhere in Belgium, right? Just has to be. I think all Belgian riders should get honorary citizenship. Suffering par excellence.


Yes. First time watching for me

Either that or Belgium is somewhere in Sufferlandria. Like San Marino being hidden away in Italy. Everyone knows it’s there somewhere, but few actually make it (apologies to any Sammarinese here - I mean it positively!).

The tough guys/gals make it to Sufferlandria, only the real hard nuts make it to Belgium.

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it’s actually the other way round. and the toughest Sufferlandrians are granted Knighthood and will be admitted to The Castle :european_castle:

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