Re-training with arthritis

Completing recovery after diagnose of lower back and hip arthritis. I used to train for half ironman triathlon and marathon. After a year of reduced run training due to pain, I took a pause for the last two months. I am doing core/hip daily stretches and core strength training (low load). I plan to restart bike and swim training in a week, and run training in about 6 weeks.
Any recommendation as to strength and yoga training that I should follow in the coming month. Thank you.

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Hey @ODhome,
Welcome to the forum. I call arthritis, the barnacles of life. I feel your pain. I had right hip arthroplasty 12 years ago due to severe arthritis from a serious bike crash. For strength and yoga, you may want extra warm up like an easy spin + some mobility exercises and taking care not to force range of motion in strength and yoga. Good Luck and keep posting on your progress!