Returning from injury

Hi team. I’m 2/3rds of the way through my metric century plan, but have had to take a couple of weeks off the bike due to an IT Band injury flare up. I’ve used the time off wisely, doing daily hip/glute strengthening exercises and plenty of soft tissue mobilisation.

Given the length of time off the bike and the fact I do not want to re-aggravate the injury, I’ve decided to not finish my MC plan as it would be too much intensity post-injury (AVDP is one of the next workouts which I’m certain would not be a good idea! :joy:)

My plan therefore is to have 2-3 weeks riding around three or four hours a week at low intensity (Z2), before adding in any harder interval work. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Any advice/insight would be much appreciated! Thanks.

@djones632 I had a similar injury during a race a few years ago. I can’t remember the healing time but I believe I used ice initially and then heat plus some anti inflammatory pills and a foam roller. I know I was off the bike for a bit and replaced cycling with walking. Check your cleat position. Also check out the yoga and strength work if it isn’t already in your plan. Good luck!

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@djones632 Total buzz kill- sorry to hear about your injury. If you continue to have pain without improvement, I definitely recommend visiting a physical therapist with experience treating endurance athletes.
I agree with @JSampson about ice (if inflamed, especially after a workout), then heat a few times a day, as well as stretching/foam rolling.
Finally, in addition to your cleat position, what type of shoes are you wearing for the majority of the day?

@JSampson @coach.jinger.g Thanks both for your helpful replies. I used ice initially, but have since used heat and anti-inflammatories, both of which have helped.

I am very consistent with my yoga and strength training. I think the main causes were poor bike fit and a weakness in my medial glute and TFL. I have been strengthening these, and doing tons of soft-tissue mobilisation (ouch!) and my ITBS is feeling much better.

A friend of mine is a bike fitter and suggested some tweaks including lowering my saddle a few mm and adjusting my cleats for a more toe-outward position. We’ll see if these help when I am back riding.

In terms of shoes worn during the day it depends, if i’m working from home then just socks or sneakers, when out for walks I wear walking boots or trail running shoes, then at the office I wear smart shoes.

One thing to remember is that ITBS is a symptom of other problems. you got the fit and cleat issue worked on.
As to riding, yes, try some Zone 1 and 2 ‘stuff’ starting out with no more than 1/2 hour. I recommend the no-vid Recovery Ride and see how that goes. If you can do this and it doesn’t aggrevate the issue, move up to some of the ‘easier’ Inspiration rides. If those go well, then move onto the FF Prep week and redo Full Frontal to get better numbers (they should have changed since you’ve been off the bike for a few weeks. Get back into a training plan and keep on exercising and working on the underlying muscles that the ITB connects to.

@jmckenzieKOS Thanks James for the advice, much appreciated mate.