Real Road Feel for Tacx Neo Users?

For those of us Sufferlandrians who don’t use a Wahoo Kickr and Kickr Climb is there any chance in the future we could get Real Road Feel for some of the rides, would work great for the Pro Rides and On Location. It has been implemented by other cycling apps not just the obvious one. For those of us not able to experience the Kickr Climb I think it would make the rides even more enjoyable and it could be implemented simply as Real Road Feel On or Off.


Imagine doing Cobbler on cobbles.



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Would certainly need a few bags of frozen peas to wrap round the knees afterwards


One of the features I hate on my NeoBike (and are thus turned off)
Zwift does do the road feel but it doesn’t add anything, it just a gimmick.

I’ve ridden Paris-Roubaix and that kind of brutality can never be replicated by an indoor trainer (not even close) so I just wouldn’t bother. (I don’t care much for the Kickr Climb either, maybe it’s just me :grin: )


I suppose you might be right, but riding indoors does not simulate changing wind magnitude and direction, rain, fog, traffic, humidity, cold, scenery, or the effects of varying elevation.

I’m with TLa, have a Neo, and after the inital “wow”, you soon forget it, and distacts me when my trainer starts making funny noises and lumping … have it turned off now