KICKR Climb - adding to all workouts?

Hi there,

I was wondering if it was in the backlog/roadmap to add KICKR Climb support to all existing SUF workouts?

I decided to upgrade the pre-winter pain cave with a bike-elevator, and want to make sure I’m able to suffer vertically as well as rotationally in all my workouts this winter.

I assume this is still the most up to date list?

Thanks minions!


I’m curious also. Trying to decide if a Kickr Climb should be in my future.

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I’m adding my voice to this request.

I did The Rookie this morning, and was both disappointed and surprised to see that there was no KICKR Climb integration to it. This otherwise immersive video would greatly benefit from it.

I’m very surprised that there are still a significant number of workouts that stay at 0% the whole ride.

And even though Local Hero is listed as a video that integrates the KICKR Climb, the reality is that the Climb is active for only a very few of the intervals.

It seems that these enhancements would be quick wins for the product team, and would really please Wahoo customers who have paid extra for the Climb or KICKR Bike.



Particularly also Blender and The Shovel please. As above, really feels weird to clearly be grinding up a steep incline at 60rpm but not rising, its second nature now and works so well on rides like Attacker


+1 for this. Especially now we think of ourselves as part of the wahoo family. Why on earth is all my wahoo equipment not fully functional in this Wahoo habitat??


@Rearviewmirror this link shows the same list, plus all On Location, ProRides and Week With videos.

@FauxFlat, today I rode The Bat and having the CLIMB automatically move up 7%, 8%, even 10% on the relevant stage made the ride quite realistic. Given how well the KICKR is engineered, I’d be surprised if there’s much training difference between riding with a CLIMB vs riding “flat”, but the feeling of actually riding up hills on my trainer is very satisfying. I have yet to practice hill repeats indoors using the CLIMB, but as I write this I’m inspired to give it a go.


There will be simply due to the physical position change on the bike. It might not be huge, but you will be engaging muscles differently.


It would be great if CLIMB was integrated into all of the workouts. With that being said, I love using CLIMB and really the best app as far as I can tell with implementing it is Fulgaz. It works so much better in there than any other app I’ve used including SYSTM, Zwift, Rouvy, etc… The gradient changes are so smooth, sometimes you don’t even realize it is moving. So anyone who spent good money on a CLIMB should definitely check it out on Fulgaz.

I was actually saddened when Ironman purchased them recently because I was hoping SYSTM would bring it in and incorporate it into their workouts…


+1 for this please too!

Blender and TINT completed in the last few days and the low cadence uphill intervals are crying out for it to be elevated. I find the gradient change is a nice little mental break so I did manually ramp it up myself.


Slightly off topic here but does anyone know what the max decent angle seen in any of the SYSTM videos is?

I have a bike on the trainer at the moment with full mudguards on (and would prefer not to have to take them off). Maximum incline is fine, but there is scope for the front mudguard to hit the KICKR climb if it decides to descend near max decent angle.

Hi Will,

On top of my head it’s -2 or -3 max. Don’t think I saw bigger numbers. Think it’s in Cobbler or Attacker…


disclaimer: it’s on top of my head and I don’t leave my head screwed on all of the time

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@WillD Per this page the max for the climb is -10% depending on the specifics of your frame and also the model Kickr is relevant as well.

I agree with @reintj that the lowest grade I have seen is -3% in Attacker and same in Tasmania Hobart City

Interesting for the Snap there is a separate article that says -15%.

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I don’t have a Climb, but it would seem a good feature would be to be able to set your own limits in settings. I could imagine a wide range of reasons (bike set up, injuries, personal comfort) why one might want tighter limits than the device’s standard limits.

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Ok that’s good news it isn’t too steep! Realise it can go to -10% but think I’m ok up to -7% or so.

Agree it would be good to put a limit on it in settings but I couldn’t see anything there at the moment that might do that. I can of course do a manual override, but I might not catch it in time if it sprang a steep decent on me all of a sudden!

Here I am using Wahoo SYSTM on a full Wahoo setup with KICKR Climb and I didn’t even know it was supported in any workout … I just left the thing locked all the time.

You learn something new every day it seems …

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@TheBelgian I make it part of my pre-ride check list - all sensors connected, unlock kicker …. It really adds to the workout.


Yeah I’m going to try it too. Was not a matter of forgetting, I just simply thought it was never used in structured training.

Might be a good idea that Wahoo makes a bit more “noise” around this, because I can’t imagine being the only not aware of this. When it’s up hill and standing it will be so much better if the bike is tilted. I really enjoy when this happens on virtual rides as it adds a lot to the immersion and the mental aspect of “ow crap, it’s going up hill here”.


@TheBelgian Agreed - just had that experience on 14 Vice Grips this morning. Below are some links for you including a list of workouts that work with the Climb.

Lowest grade I’ve now seen is -6 deg in the ‘week with’ UCI:MTB! Keep your hands on handlebars for this ride!

Great video btw for seeing what Kickr Climb can do! +20 to -6 range used! Great video, full stop actually.


In general, we keep it to -3 for longer sections since any lower and it gets pretty uncomfortable. For very brief sections (e.g., like in UCI MTB, OL Tasmania Hobart) we go a bit lower (~-6+) since you’re not in that position very long.