Recovery from illness

I took a month off after covid. I started with the new routine plan, then the recovery plan. I tried stepping up to the base program but it moved along too fast and I cracked a couple of weeks in.
I have taken another 2 weeks off and feeling no motivation to get back on the bike.
I have loaded the beginners yoga and strength plans and hope to do this until vigour returns unless anyone has a brilliant better idea


Welcome back @alchurch . I can sympathise.
Why not have a crack at the November and December monthly challenges? They’re not too taxing or lengthy but perhaps offer a focus. You’re too late for the Nov badge of course, but December is in play!


Doing beginners yoga and strength seems like a good idea, as well as the mobility workouts.

As for cycling, I would create my own plan. Start off with a few Activity Recovery rides, slightly longer each time. Have a day of rest between them - see how you feel.

I would then try a few Endurance rides, start short, take a day or two off between them, extending the duration.

You can do the yoga/strength/mobility on the off days. I would take one full day off a week.

If you want to try something a little more difficult, see how Recharger feels.


Yep. What I find what I need to do is add in extra recovery. If the scheduled workout is just too hard, I’ll add an easy day or two, extend the plan out by that amount, and tackle that workout again. That often works and is less demotivating than entirely bailing on the plan.


Aww man. I could lose a month?!?

I present the COVID/influenza double-whammy, ladies and gents. All that red sort of aligns with how my head feels, too.

My sympathies and best wishes for your continued recovery and (eventual) return to training, @alchurch. Just went in and deleted all of my plans out of my SYSTM calendar. Not even going to try to reset anything until my brain stops boiling.

:face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer:


Although focused on coming back from injury, principles might be useful:


Many thanks to everyone who responded, and to the Suff community too, I am very grateful


I’m in a similar position. Mainly focusing on outdoor walks in Z2 heart rate and about to start doing 30min level rides at around 100-120W just to get the heart pumping again. Take it super easy as you’re coming back. I would definitely dial some rides back to 50% as from what I’ve heard, pushing too hard too soon post-COVID can cause real setbacks :frowning:

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posted this quite a while ago but it’s still valid

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