Replacement trainer not registering power

Due to excess noise in my Wahoo Kickr, I was sent a replacement trainer. I just got it set up, and after performing a spin down (which took every gear and major effort to hit the 36kph, which never happened before), I tried to ride on both Systm and Zwift, and big effort couldn’t tip the thing over about 35 watts. My FTP is 300w. Also while on my bike it feels like it’s leaning slightly to the right, I checked and the front cross leg is unbalanced and sitting off the ground to one side (see image in reply below). I’ve tried taking off and putting the leg back on, including the real, but to no avail. Any idea what on earth is going on? Feel I’d be better off with the damaged trainer making noise, it at least worked.

Photo of how trainer sits off the ground to one side.

@veloricky sounds like you will unfortunately need to reach out to official Wahoo Support, while we get some Wahoo Coaches dropping in here from time to time, this a user driven forum

It’s hard to say but are you certain your floor is level? One of the reason’s I personally got the Kickr instead of the Core was because of the levelling legs it comes with. I’d try moving the whole thing around a bit to try to find a flatter section.

As for the spindown and the trainer not kicking in there may be some things interfering with other things. Did the spindown complete successfully? ie. did you get the “spindown complete” message?

Have you used the Wahoo Fitness App to register the new device first and to ensure you’ve got the latest firmware installed? Did you use the WFA for your spindown or SYSTM? I’d suggest the WFA as I’ve often had issues with the Spindown in SYSTM but rarely in the WFA. Is it possible there is some bluetooth interference? Did you have Zwift and SYSTM running at the same time?

When you say you tried to ride on both SYSTM and Zwift and efforts weren’t going over 35 watts something is clearly up.

My 2 cents. First try to get the spindown to complete properly in the WFA. But be sure that bluetooth is off on any possible competing apps or devices. A spindown should not take a major effort to get to the 36 kmh target. For myself, I usually have it in the big ring and second smallest cog and slowly turn the pedals. It takes very little effort for me to get to 36.

As you can see, more questions than answers based on what you are saying. Here is a link to the Spindown troubleshooting site from Wahoo’s support pages:

I moved the Kickr Core to several locations and it is still unbalanced.

Being a replacement trainer, I connected it to the Wahoo Fitness App and once it had connected with the trainer, I did the spin down on there 2-3 times. Each time to a max effort to get to 36kph but it did say the spin down was complete. That said I didn’t register the trainer, only connected it and I didn’t try a firmware update - it was a replacement from Wahoo that arrived yesterday so assumed it would be up to date.

I can’t be sure there was no bluetooth interference, but no other fitness app program was open to connect to it. I’ve never had connection interference before.

Honestly, it was a replacement device for a hardware issue on the previous one that was making a lot of noise. I want them to send me another replacement that will actually work. Hoped there might be a quick fix or something obvious I was missing. But between the wattage issue and the unbalanced trainer, it’s not the kind of replacement I want to accept. The damaged one with the noise was at least accurate - I just don’t want to have to unbox it, switch the cassette over and re-set it up.

Thanks for your feedback though.

There is definitely an issue with your spindown if you are having to put out max effort to do that. Outside of setting up the trainer as a new device on the WFA, which includes the process of checking for firmware updates, followed by a spindown there may be other things that Wahoo Support might suggest. Not sure what to tell you about the unbalanced trainer tho.

So, bottom line here I guess is to submit a support request directly or contact them by phone.

Hope they can get you sorted.