Spindown not working

Can’t seem to do spindown. Symptoms:

  1. no resistance so can’t pedal fast enough to get speed up to 22.4mph; or
  2. it says “waiting for target speed” and when I pedal no speed shows in the square.

What I’ve tried:
Made sure all other apps are closed
Deleted and reinstalled the wahoo app
Unplugged and then plugged in Kickr Core again
Removed Kickr Core sensor from app and then reconnected/paired to it

I have a 30t chain ring up front and an 11-42 cassette on the back. The bike is a Yeti SB 140 in case that matters. Any ideas?

I think lack of spindown calibration may be the root of the other issues I’m having getting this thing to work at all. :frowning:

Do you have a 34t or 36t chain ring for the front that you can try out?

Next step is Wahoo support.

I don’t have any chain rings to try. I’ve submitted a support ticket. Thanks!

If they haven’t come back to you. Try making sure you don’t have any other apps open on any devices that might be trying to connect to the trainer (and you don’t have control with ant+ power on). Those seem to have stopped me doing spin down in the past

Where you say the symptoms are “either”, does that mean that the behaviour is inconsistent and sometimes you get a speed listed in the app but can’t pedal fast enough, while other times there is no speed listed at all?

With your chainset setup then you’ve got a bit of work to do, but 30x11 will hit the target speed at about 105 rpm, which should be achievable even if a little bit of a spin.

When doing a spin-down the unit will be on it’s lowest resistance, you are expected to change gears to bring the speed up as if you were riding outdoors. It’s never going to provide a particularly strong resistance so just start in 30x40, slowly raise your cadence and then clip through the gears, finally spinning up 30x11 to ~105rpm and you should be good.

I managed to do the spindown test. I was encountering WiFi interference from our cable box, our Tv, or from my husband’s wireless headphones.

I eventually got a speed in the spindown screen so just went for it in the hardest gear (30 x 11). I was then able to do part of a workout and send it to their support team. She said I need to adjust my FTP and MAP settings which are currently too low, so the workout again, and she will help me fine tune it.

In 30x42 I don’t think there’s any way I could have gotten the speed up to 22.4 or the cadence to 105, but maybe I was doing something wrong or didn’t have WiFi signal that would have engaged the resistance. Thanks.

Thank you. I heard back from them and think I’m on the right track now. Was having some WiFi interference issues…

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