Resistance in ERG mode consistently 10-15% below target Elite Direto XR


I have been using SYSTM for just over a month now and overall like it. But my plan has now been more consistently giving me power targets at FTP for sustained periods whereas most of the sessions before were short sprints.

I’ve noticed that the Watts measured are almost always between 10-15% out. I had wondered why I wasn’t feeling really pushed on a lot of the workouts I was doing and can now see why. I have read the guide to ERG mode but none of the tips have really helped. Not sure what else I can try.

I took some screenshots to show what I mean:

And the power numbers, the gap between the target and measured is pretty clear here:

I’m on the latest Mac OS update, use and Elite Direto XR. I understand it has been an issue with other trainers so maybe a similar issue.

Thanks for the help

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Have you contacted the minions?

I’ve got a similar issue going on; I’m using a Mac as well - awaiting response from the minions now.


For any new (or relatively new) users, I strongly recommend reaching out to the Minions early to sort out your setup, configurations, ERG mode, etc. Why? Because I had to do the same the first month I was on SUFF. Don’t recall exactly what my issues were, but I know some of my metrics were outputting incorrectly.

Just going off your description and screen shots, I’d think there has to be some sort of configuration error in your setup or profile that is causing ERG mode to low-ball. As I recall there are some configuration things you have to have set up correctly for ERG mode to function properly. The Minions got me sorted out in fairly short order, and I’ve not had any similar issues since. And I’m running on basically the same setup as you.


What gear are you in when trying in erg? There is a resistance ceiling on trainers where for very ‘high’ gears, the trainer can’t create enough resistance to hit the power target. Tbh this sounds unlikely to be the issue at c150w from your screenshot, but might be worth trying a harder gear. I had your issue when in the little ring and high on the cassette on a jetblack volt, and in erg mode the trainer was 20-30w lower than the target, but this was at around 370w AC efforts. Flicking a couple of gears down the cassette, or going into the big ring, solved this issue for me, so perhaps worth a try?

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Might be a silly question but is your Direto providing the power readings or have you a separate power meter?

thanks will get in contact with them too. I thought here was the first point of contact so my mistake

It’s the Direto. I don’t use power on the road!

I’m which case definitely contact the minions as something isn’t right


I have tried this, even in the big ring on the front, I’m having the same issues. Originally, that’s where I thought I was going wrong. Also, I might be wrong but I don’t consider ~200W particularly high!

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My apologies but I forgot to say Welcome to the forums @willray3.

Please check back in here with an update once you’ve heard back from the minions.

This wasn’t a mistake. You just never knew. A lot of folks will do both and that’s fine too. So, they’ll submit a request for support to the minions as well as post here. The problem with posting on the forums is others won’t know your specific circumstances and won’t be able to look at actual recorded data files. That, and the minions (who do check the forums and facebook regularly) might miss a post like this. I see too that it was posted in Feature Requests topic. I’ve corrected that and slightly edited your title to potentially attract others with similar issues. I didn’t put it in Equipment cuz it’s not clear whether this is an Equipment issue or a software one.

I am curious, have you tried other software (Zwift, whatever Elite uses etc and are you getting the same underreporting there?)? I am also curious whether you have calibrated your trainer (if that is required) and also have the latest firmware update for it as well as the latest version of SYSTM. All of these things can play a role in how metrics are communicated, read and reported.

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