« Unsmooth » power

Yesterday during a « primers » workout rode in ERG mode, I noticed that the power can’t remain « smooth » at the target value as you can see below:

1 week before all was OK during the same workout:

Is the problem coming from the app of from my brand new Kickr Core trainer ?
I’ve made a spindown procedure after the workout and tried with a small open workout, the problem is the same :pensive:

Thanks for you help and sorry for my poor English speaking level :slightly_frowning_face:

The latest one looks more realistic, the older one probably had ERG power smoothing switched on. See the bottom of this link for an explanation.

If you’re not sure just send the minions an email and they’ll sort you out.

Thanks for your answer, but it’s not just a matter of graphing power in ERG mode.
Today I rode Full frontal so I was in level mode. During the MAP and the FTP session, for a same pace on the same gear, I feel sometimes the resistance to be easier, and sometimes harder.
I’ll follow your advice, I’ll write to the minions tomorrow.

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Hmm to be fair, looking again at your graphs you have a fair few drop outs, and small power spikes. Could be interference causing an issue. Any change to your set up? New fan etc?

The minions will sort you out. Good luck!

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