Rest ratio and days off


I saw that you can choose a 2:1 ratio for training/rest week. Anyone can give some feedback on how this is working for you ? I’m more used to the 3:1 weeks ratio.

Another question i have : on plan i generated, i saw very few/no rest days. Anyone has a feedback on it too ?

Thank you !

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Here’s a whole topic discussing 2:1 v 3:1. I’ve only done 2:1 in my 5 months using SYSTM. It works for me. The referenced topic has thoughts from more experienced users. Bottom line: both work.

On rest days, I think all plans have easy and hard days. But I think the higher volume plans may use more recovery rides and fewer rest days for easy days to keep the volume up.


@Philippe_Ihuel Yeah +1 to @AkaPete for 2:1 for me as well, but think it’s entirely dependent on your age, fitness, and where you are in the program. I’m old(er), and still getting into shape, with only enough time in my life for “moderate” plans: 7-8 hours per week.

When I tried 3:1 I found I was overtraining when combined with other fitness activities, and my old man army knees were taking a beating. So 2:1 has been better for me.