Restarting training - achilles tendon inflamation


Due to sub-optimal cleats positioning, I have been suffering from moderate inflamation to both achilles tendons (self assessed, 3+ weeks now).
While I wanted to refrain completely from cycling (both indoor and outdoor) and focus on exercises to strengthen the tendons (eccentric calf-raises), I’ve been wondering if it’s not better to do some (indoor only) low intensity training.

Is this advised, and if so, which SUF sessions would be most optimal for me.
Should I include strength and yoga, or keep focus only on the calf-raises?

Thanks in advance

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I think you ought to address your cleat position after looking at your saddle height, it may potentially be too high.

RE eccentric raises… You need to know whether it’s an insertional tendinopathy or nearer the middle of the achilles. If the former then you may aggravate it doing eccentric raises and dropping too low.

If your bike is set up well, as well as the shoes, there shouldn’t be much stress going through the achilles (certainly nothing compared to running) so if you’re getting achilles problems then you must address those first.


Hi @SantiagoB - sorry to hear that your achilles are bothering you. Without seeing any video of your pedaling, it’s difficult to give any recommendations whether low intensity riding (indoor or outdoor) would be a good idea to re-introduce. Also, as was mentioned - the eccentric calf exercises can be beneficial depending on your initial injury etiology. Do you do any other sports like running or hiking? Knowing what other activities you do can also be helpful to provide better guidance. Let me know and I’ll see if I can give you better recommendations!


More specifically, the problems occurred when I switched from SPD to SPD-SL, after which I -presumably- fixed the cleats too much to the front, resulting in the inflammation I have now.
I have no medical background at all. This is self-diagnosed after little research.
As for the saddle height: been riding my current setup/bike for about 2 years now, first time I’m experiencing the current problems. That said, I should really do a professional bike fit aside from having physical problems.

@Coach.Neal.H, I’m not doing any other sports atm. I have for now stopped the eccentric calf exercises and cancelled my outdoor ride which was planned this evening.

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Okay @SantiagoB - that makes sense. After several days, then restarting indoors where you stay seated (no standing efforts - those put more strain on achilles) and keep a higher cadence (big gear work also places more strain on achilles) for 20-30 minute recovery spins would be a good start. If you’re able to ride an hour General Endurance ) say Open :60 at 60-70% FTP then should be good to start adding in some Tempo efforts at 80-85% FTP, but avoid big gear work and standing efforts for a couple more weeks.


Thanks for the feedback!
Fysio and bike fit have been scheduled for next week.

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