Revolver remake, tribute edition

By form is Revolver one of my favorite session. One minute on/off is perfect for a day with lack of motivation for long time churning +/- FTP.

The bad side of Revolver; The videos dont engage me, maybe because cyclo cross not is my cup of tea. The last interwall should end with a yell, but for me this is a yawn.

Can not get out of my mind how great this session could have been as a tribute edidion for a classic cyclist. Make it for Peter Sagan heading towards the green shirt in TdF, or Contador (el pistolero) racing for victory in the mountains.

Of course, first you have to fix some bugs and develop the systm platform. Sure it is much more fun to make new sessions, not to upgrade the old ones. One day, maybe…


Funny how the mind works - I find cyclocross very engaging to watch. To think that the likes of Van der Poel, Van Aert, Brand and Vos get much of their strength from cyclocross, is very motivating for me.

I’m always in favour of increasing our options though. My I suggest Hushovd and Ewan in that list too?


I didn’t like CX before either, that was until I started doing it myself. It’s so fun to do that it becomes fun to watch too.

(my CX is more riding slow through the woods with a gravel bike :wink: )


Have to agree. There are very few that strike me that way, but Revolver is one. But I figure with all the videos available, I don’t do it very often.

And if we are adding names for a reshoot, I have to include Lance. Yeah, yeah, I know. But he brought a lot of people to the sport of cycling, including me. I never held him out as a role model (or any other athlete, actor, etc for that matter), so his fall was all on him, didn’t impact me at all.


I’ve also always liked Lance. Even more so now. Not as a role model or idol, but as an athlete (and a bit of an asshole :wink: )

About the CX part: last weekend I went for a nice organized ride in Pulle (Flanders) through the fields and single tracks (with the gravel bike) and ran into Wout van Aert who was ridden the same ride as us, in his Belgian Champ kit. How great is that, doing the same ride (at the same time) as the best rider in the world. If you don’t like CX after that, there’s something wrong with you :smiley:


I’ve always enjoyed Revolver. Never raced cx but I think it’s be boring always watching the same disciplines.


Agreed. I’m not a race fan: the only active racer I can name is Ian Boswell, and that’s only because I just spent a virtual week with him. Show me road racers, velodromers, CXers, mountain bikers, kids jumping homemade ramps on their Big Wheels. Variety is the spice of life!


We have different opinions about video in Revolver, and that’s good! Variety gives sessions we all like, so we must avoid ruining something that some people think is great.

We use this as input and inspiration to create a new session, “Tribute to the legends”. Give us the best of the last 20’ish years with word class cyclist. If Lance is approved, I will also nominate Marco the Pirate