RGT, my last words

This text was shared in the RGT community Facebook pages. I´m sharing it also here so for who cares can maybe understand a bit more on why RGT most regular users loved it so much.

" I got to know RGT Cycling on April 2, 2019 with a few rides in beautiful Pienza. A few days later I ventured to Formentor and on April 27 I was climbing the Stelvio for the first time. This first ascent took me 1h03. It was on this climb that I tested my limits several times as someone who loves to climb. I made my fastest ascent on the Stelvio in May 2020 in just over 50 minutes and yesterday, four and a half years after the start of this adventure, I said goodbye together with many of the friends I’ve made on this app with half an ascent in race mode and the rest in recovery mode and as a farewell. In the end, I couldn’t help but cry with emotion for everything I’ve experienced and what this app has meant to me over the last few years.

In short, I’ve spent many hours training here in solo workouts, group rides and some races, almost 13,000km in 553 activities with a total of 270,239m of climbing according to the data available here: RGTUserStats - Google Drive.

I’ll never forget events like Our Giro where I battled for 21 stages in 23 days (May 9-23, 2020) for the overall and mountain classification until the end, The Climbers Challenge with roads in my part of Portugal that even made the news in a local newspaper (see one of the pictures):blush: and the Madeira Tour, both organized with the help of the magician of the magicroads Samir Dawlatly, the races that made me put on 18 kilos and wrecked my achilles tendon :blush:, the famous Handicap Races that were always well attended, very tough but always fun to do, the challenges for climbers where I battled several times with my friend Jez Read.

The RGT was also my home for indoor Everestings that I’ll never forget. Here I did two Everesting Basecamps, on the Stelvio and on the Ventoux both in December 2020, I completed my only vEveresting Roam doing all the RGT roads also in December 2020, I did the RGT challenge “Everesting the Everest” in May 2021 and I completed my last VEveresting on the Ventoux in November 2022. In all of them, there was always support and motivation from the community, especially from friends like Riley Harvey, who was always available to help with any need, Rob Stone, a 42,259-kilometer RGT climber - 3rd with the most kilometers done on the app and with whom I shared many moments, Kate Ouellette, also an adventurer and a kilometer climber on the RGT and beyond, Falk Levien, who is to be congratulated for being the biggest RGT climber with 515,606m of ascent (the equivalent of 58 Everestings) WOOOW! There would be more names to mention in this sharing, but it would be unfair to mention a few more and not all of them, as this RGT community has been so special.

In between, there were many occasions that I shared with many of you, within the app while training, in this and other Facebook groups, in various Messenger and WhatsApp groups. There were many moments of good cheer, camaraderie, sport, and entertainment that RGT and this community gave me, and I want to believe that all this will not be forgotten and that the friends made will remain with or without another indoor cycling app connecting us.

I’ll also share some visual memories, images of the first 8 real roads of RGT Cycling or Road Grand Tours as it started. Images of Our Giro and the events I organized, and to begin with the first image summarizes the importance and dimension that RGT has had for me, it’s a printout of the folder properties on my computer that tells me that in these four and a half years I’ve accumulated 1Gb of information in 795 files spread over 130 folders… even I’m amazed!

Finally, THANK YOU so much for giving me all these moments, to the creators, developers and all the staff of RGT, to the administrators of this website and to the entire RGT Cycling community!

So long RGT!" :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Sorry man! I hope indieVelo can fill the hole that RGT has left for you and MANY others.


Great post. I had been on RGT only for a couple of months and grew attached, though I didn’t finish all routes available. The Ventoux I missed.
As a newby to indoorcycling I love to read those Pre-Wahoo stories.


Had to check. They really closed it.


Wow – epic.

RGT may be gone, but you’ll always have the memories, not only of the rides, but of the human connections. So thanks for sharing those.

That was what made RGT special: the community, not only the riders, but the promoters and the magic road creators. It was a platform really created by and for the users. That’s not true of many others.


Very well said.

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It definitely seems to be the go-to.