RGT Frustration

I just had my second experience of AWFULNESS with RGT and I wonder how common it is. I’ve tried the platform a couple of times with success but it seems extremely glitchy.

When trying both the Stevlio climb and Ventoux, it stops unexpectedly and then says there’s a connection problem. I check and my Wifi is fully functioning. The problem is not on my end. With Stelvio experience, I logged back in and was able to resume. With the Ventoux, I was two-thirds of the way done and everything just disappeared. It’s a bummer.

If this is common, I think the platform is rather undesirable. Anyone have similar experiences? Hacks that work? Advice? I should probably get a plane ticket to France…but, other than that, what can I do?

How long are these rides? You may be encountering a known length issue in that RGT can only hold four hiurs of data. Other than that, i would submit a support ticket with as much information as possible. Oh, and one thing, if you are using a VPN, try without it. Data is encrypted with RGT.


Thanks for the response and solid ideas. The ride was well under four hours so that’s not the likely culprit. The VPN tip, however, is very relevant. I do have a VPN and it was running when I was having the problem so I’ll turn it off the next time I try an RGT ride.

Again, thank you,

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