Last RGT ride tonight

In honor of my last RGT ride, I am doing this:

Goat Ride

Seemed appropriate for the occasion.


Well if nothing else, RGT was consistent to the end…in a bad way. I was three miles in when the sensors would not pick up anything. I had to get off the bike, move to the laptop, go to the sensors, wait for them to actually show they were disconnected, and then reconnect. I lost a quarter mile on the group. This happened about once a month but only on RGT. Never on Systm or any other platform I have ridden.

And the second thing that happens 100% of the time on RGT. A bot (or a few bots) will ride prolonged stretches that, based on W/Kg, would be my equivalent of 100% or more of my 1 Minute AC. Today one of the bots opened with an 8 minute stretch at that pace and then later in the ride did a 12 minute stretch. Imagine holding your AC power for 12 minutes straight.

RGT wasn’t the worst thing, but I won’t miss it.


I got kicked out of the last race also. I re-entered the back up event and got kicked out of that. Could not get back in. Went to have something to eat. Reloaded everything and went to Borrego Springs and rode with the Team Lou guys which was awesome. RGT was incredibly frustrating at times. However, it had a constant which was the people who were riding on it. It allowed weaker riders to ride with stronger riders just like they do in real life. I am old enough to want to keep the group I am riding in together when I am out on the road. I could do that in RGT. The opposite is true in Zwift. The better you get, the better bike you get making harder for the newbie to keep up. That is like attacking at the bottom of the climb to drop the newbie on the Sunday ride. So frustrating as RGT could be, I will miss it. However, what I will really miss is the friends that I met on the way. I look forward to meeting up with them on a virtual ride somewhere in the near future.