RGT: Reduce trainer difficulty

I have a KICKR trainer V5. When I try to reduce the difficulty in RGT it’s not working. Especially for the mountain rides in RGT it would be useful. Any hint what I could do?

Are you riding in slope mode? There is an option to chabge settings, but I can’t remember where. An alternative temporary fix is to reduce your weight in your personal settings?

I the documentation I found, that slope mode is automatically on when you are not in ERG mode. I changed my weight and this is working perfect. When I become better I can incrementally increase it again…
Thanks for the help!!

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Stoked that worked! Have fun!

@Tom , did you see this page? https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/5268965123346-What-is-trainer-difficulty-

That sounds like it should reduce the slope sent to your trainer. Is that what was not working for you in your original post?

Right, you can change it in the sensors tab showed by @way9e0 .
In this sense you are in the sim mode where your weigh, height, ftp and so are taken into account to replicate “real life” feeling.
Level/Slope mode would just change the resistance curve of your trainer and resistance would change accordingly to your speed.

You can change it in the RGT Remote app - tried that?

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