ERG Mode not smooth below 70 RPM

Hi, I’m using the KICKR bike v1. I’ trying to do 60 RPM intervals at 110% of FTP (~285W). I find the resistance to be unstable and the intervals exceptionally hard. When cadence is above 80 ERG mode works great. At low cadence I feel like the resistance is adjusting too frequently resulting in under/over compensating. Can I adjust this to slow down the control? My plan B is just using manual mode and finding a gear that is near my power target.

Have you shifted up to a harder gear on the bike. The trainer has a ceiling resisitance, and a floor resistance, so when you’re at the extremes with cadence (very low and very high) you may need to change gears to keep the power target within the resitance range of the trainer.


Yep you nailed it. Thanks @DameLisa!

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You’re so welcome, so glad that worked!!!