RGT Training Rides

Have you started your training for the Wahooligan tour yet?

Join us tomorrow for the first of our RGT Training rides! These will be rubber banded rides and an opportunity for the community to come together as we prepare to ride the Tour.

These will be hosted at the same time each week. Ride 1 at 12:00 ET and Ride 2 at 19:00 ET.


Two issues… I have been unable to sign up for the March 7th Ride 2 time slot since it was first announced. I briefly see the event page and then I am redirected to the RGT Toolbox page on the website. I signed up for all others without issue. March 7th Ride 1 seems like I could sign up for it OK but I can’t make that one.

Second issue, the February 28th Ride 2 event shows up on March 28th on the My Events calendar on the website. The description of the event seems correct. All other Ride 2s that I signed up for are on the calendar as expected.

When I update the RGT app later tonight, I will see what I see there.

Thanks, I’m looking into this

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We’ve updated these links so they are now correct:

There is an internal bug we are rectifying for the 2MZM3F Iron Horse event on Feb 28 but this will be fully functional when the ride date comes around


Thanks, signed up now OK.