Post your Wahooligan Tour community group rides

Hi Team,

If you’re planning on riding your Tour with some RGT Group rides, feel free to post them here.

I’m going to be riding my Tour on both RGT and SYSTM with a Twitch live stream. SYSTM will control my trainer and I’ll have power output only in RGT. I’ve set these up as public events so you are welcome to ride along for your Tour stages, or just for fun, even if you’re not doing the Tour. Rubberbanding will be on to keep us all together.

These will all be open for anyone to ride along, and if the times work, would love to see some of you there! :+1: Live Stream on Twitch, or just dial in to the event and spectate/chat if you like. You don’t have to ride if the time doesn’t suit! :slight_smile: NZ days and times in the screenshot below.

Event links below:
Stage 1 Cash Register:
Stage 1 Revolver:
Stage 2 Attacker:
Stage 3 Rabbit Mountain:
Stage 4 Nazare to Foz do Arelho:
Stage 5 Tour de Suisse Women 2:
Stage 6 UCI Road:
Stage 7 TGTTOS / Stelvio:

To watch the live stream, follow me on Twitch: lisad_nz
Discord won’t seem to let me post my Twitch link.


Nice!! The times are actually not too bad, I will certainly try to join one of them. Will you also have the Race Radio thingy on? Or would that get twitchy with Twitch?

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@Glen.Coutts @DameLisa That would be my preference. It works well and is already embedded in RGT versus starting another program.

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Wow, Dame Lisa! This is great! I would love to join a few of these.

Since we in the USA will be moving our clocks forward on March 12, it’s on my mind: do you have any shifts off summer time coming up that will change the time difference?

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Sounds like fun. I’ll try and join when I can.

Surely stage 7 will be organised by the Wahoo team?

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I’ll have Race Radio on. Definitely don’t ride in RGT AND watch in Twitch. That might get odd. I’ll have a headset on so it’ll be :ok_hand:

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Our clocks change on 2 April so we are safe there!

Yes likely, but if it isn’t at times that work for me, this is still an option

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Yep agreed, Race Radio is definitely the way to go. Twitch, is for anyone really who doesn’t want to actually ride, gives an alternative spectate option but you can’t talk on it, only type.

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Also, don’t forget Stage 7 B :smiling_imp:
The wahoominati are always watching #twaaw

Xoom Xoom!


Yes this is true! I might give riding both a crack. The session I posted will be SYSTM controlled so I really need to go back and do Stelvio properly. Likely on a Wahoo organised event. Or yours Sir G


I wunnit planning on organizing an event cuz I’m not sure exactly when imma do it, except it will follow on the heels of whenever I do TGTTOS. I was thinking of keeping it loose so people could just do it whenever works for them wherever they are

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@DameLisa I signed up for Stage #1. Looking forward to it!


Woop, see you there. Are you able to run SYSTM and RGT together? My machine copes with it thankfully.

@DameLisa Yes - probably SYSTM on iPad and RGT on Apple TV with the companion on the phone.

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Nice one! That’ll work well.

Ok to spice this up somewhat:

Ok, in the tradition of the Tour (of Suf) of past, I’m opening myself up to some of the OG challenges for some serious $$$ donations.

I’m currently on $325 of fundraising.
If I can get enough donations to get me to $500 before the window opens for Stage 1, I will do Stage 1 in a goat suit. Why on earth would I ride stage 1 in a goat suit? Well, inspired by the original goat suit stage ride by non other than our esteemed Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS I lost a bet and was supposed to ride up an actual Volcano in a goat suit heckled by Sir Michael Holloway. Sadly work commitments have meant I haven’t been able to do this YET. But this provides the opportunity to do it live for your enterpainment instead.

And even better, Sir Michael Holloway will be there in person to provide appropriate heckling while he rides Stage 1 with me.
The whole thing will be Live Streamed on Twitch here:
Twitch 6am New Zealand time (follow me on Twitch to get a notification when I go live). And I’ll try get myself setup to stream on Youtube or Facebook as well. :crossed_fingers:

Donations here:

You know what to do.


Stage 2 completed in the goat suit this morning. So far I’m looking safe from a stage 3 goat suit ride. Though there are threats around donations to ensure I ride, wearing it unwashed…the new nuclear option? :thinking:


You are KILLING it Dame Lisa!

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Hmmm, but no bites on getting me back in the goat suit for stage 3. :rofl:

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