Rival Multisport

Hey all. I have a Rival watch, element bolt and Kickr snap and am trying to set up Bike/Run multisport profiles so I can complete a ride inside on the Kickr, followed by a run outside using the rival. I just can’t seem to get the speed working on the ride segment of the workout. I’ve disabled GPS for that part, but the speed goes from 0 - 28 - 14 without any accuracy… what am I doing wrong? Cheers

Hi @Jimwilko when you say a ride indoors are you using the ELEMNT Bolt along with the Kickr Snap or are you using the Kickr with SYSTM or another app ?

Hi @Shaned1972. Initially just trying to use it with the bolt and Kickr, with a view to using it with SYSTM later next year when my tri plan on system requires brick workouts….

You might have tried all this before Jim but just in case Controlling a Trainer From Your ELEMNT