New to KICKR, adding in Rival and Bolt

New KICKR Core owner here, and longtime Rival and Bolt V2 owner. I’m trying out Wahoo X for a couple weeks and wondering how all the pieces fit together in SYSTM. As far as I can tell, all the devices are working normally. Using a workout from X, I’ve tried starting a ride from the app on my Android phone, then casting it to my TV. I’ll then start the ride from my Bolt and then my Rival, but I don’t get the sense that all three are connecting with each other. I don’t see HR rate showing in the app, and all three pieces of hardware have gotten out of sync at times.

Any tips or similar experiences? Is there a certain order I should start these devices when I want to ride? Should I not bother using the Bolt and Rival with the KICKR? I’d love to have HR data onscreen while I’m riding.

You don’t need to start a ride in all places. You just start it in SYSTM. If you’d like to get heart rate from your RIVAL to SYSTM, you can broadcast it from the RIVAL and it will then appear in SYSTM after selecting it.

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I’ll repeat what @jcolp has said. You should only need to run your workout through the SYSTM app and connect your Kickr and Rival in the SYSTM app. Then you will see your power, cadence, and HR values on the screen.

If you want to also see your stats on your BOLT then you can dual-record and connect them to both. But that’s optional. You shouldn’t need to. You can connect all your devices directly to the SYSTM app and display and record and control your workout from your phone.

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