Rival widgets not showing

Hi my rival was stuck on the " warming up " screen I rebooted the watch. But now the widgets do not appear on the watch face. I have turned them on and turn them off and turn them on again to see if that will trigger it no luck Right now I have just a plain watch face. It shows only the time and the date depending on the watch face.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

I’m not a Rival owner, but my suggestion is that you contact support sooner than later.

While they do check in here now and again, your best bet is to always go straight to the source.

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@Kyle_Dalton Did you reboot or just turn it off and then on again? That happened to me a few weeks ago and turning it off and then on fixed the issue.

Also is it possible that the watch isn’t charged or has a stuck power switch?

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