Wahoo Rival not Syncing

My Rival watch isn’t synchronizing my history as of this morning. I know that the companion app and my watch are still paired because I can change the watch interface, but I cannot sync the run I did.

I’ve unpaired/re-paired the watch and app multiple times; I’ve restarted my phone and the watch multiple times; I’ve even double checked that I am on the most up to date software versions of both the app and the watch. Nothing works.

I’ve reached out to customer support but, since it’s a Sunday, they aren’t in and I really need this fixed. Any suggestions that I haven’t already tried would be great. Thanks.

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Did you find a way to fix this? I am having the same issue recently. Watch shows connected to app, but will not upload the run.

Yeah, I ended up having to remove the app from my phone, and then redownload and re-pair/reconnect the watch. That worked so far.

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