Rollr Bumpy?

I recently swapped my kickr for a rollr.

I set it up and did a small test for the first time on Zwift today. I ensured tyre pressure was appropriate and I understand there is a natural feel to the ride on rollers. Is the natural feel bumpy? A feel like the wheel is buckled but it isn’t, maybe something due to the way I set it up?

Welcome @Sloughnane.

I haven’t ridden the KICKR ROLLR, but I haven’t noticed a bumpy feeling on the other rollers I’ve ridden.

Is there any chance your tire is not seated completely properly on the rim? You could spin it by hand and watch for any wobbles.

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I’ll check that actually thanks! I just replaced the tyre on it so maybe the cause


If you are feeling a thump-thump-thump it’s either one of two things:

  1. Your tire is not seated correctly. Deflate and work the tire around the rim.
  2. There is damage to the tire. I used a tire that had a screw through it with a boot on my trainer. It would thump at the same place every revolution of the tire. I’ve replaced the tire and the thump went away.
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