KICKR Bike Doesn't Feel Smooth

I got my new KICKR Bike V1 yesterday (coming from a TACX Neo Bike). While everything seems to be working alright, I’m finding that at low cadence (around 60 rpm) and moderate power (250w+), such as when starting or on a hill climb, the ride feel through the pedals is very ‘lumpy’ compared to the normal smooth feeling. It doesn’t seem to be at a set point in the rotation of the flywheel, and it’s not consistent, but it’s generally about 1-2 ‘bumps’ per second. Is this a normal thing for the bike?

I do notice this a bit with my bike as well at low cadences, especially if you don’t have an even pedal stroke but I don’t find that it annoys me in any particular way (owned for over 2 years now). The 55rpm intervals in GOAT are a good challenge to keep things spinning smoothly. What mode (level / erg) and virtual gear were you in? I think that can influence the feel a bit.

But… there can be a bit of variation in feel and noise across bikes so it never hurts to get it on video and open up a support case to see if Wahoo thinks this is “normal” or indicative of a defect.

Have you found the extra resonant hum that happens around 84 rpm yet? :slight_smile: