Our waterrower was chosen over the concept 2 because it has to live in our tv room. So. The wooden frame and whoosh of the water help too. No issues with leakage. Either waterrower or user! :grin:

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Lots of people have already replied with excellent comments, so this is just to share my recent personal experience with rowing and cycling.

I’m 59 and was forced indoors for medical reasons and bought a Kickr to complement my wife’s Concept2. Over six months I’ve found that increasing my rowing endurance coincides with increased turbo hill cycling comfort and increased FTP. Regular hour plus rows have been the most beneficial, no heroics just keeping steady at around 13,000m/hr pace.

I also do interval sessions, usually following a Concept2 workout of the day that I get emailed, or simple 500m intervals/1 minute recovery x10 plus.

I treat turbo and rowing sessions as either/or, skipping the turbo session from my Training Plan when I row.

A big side benefit has been broadened shoulders and upper back, plus strong core and arms, all of which gets missed when cycling.

Boredom? I find music, coupled with a clearly identified objective and then alternating focus throughout (cadence / power / arms / legs / etc) keeps every session fresh.

On the turbo I’ve obviously used Suf (strong workouts as we know), but also Fulgaz (excellent outdoor simulation) and Zwift (for me, demotivating). Next off for three free months on Bkool and then perhaps TrainerRoad.