I did an ill-advised HIIT session

I didn’t have time during work yesterday for a decent ride and have been feeling like I’ve neglected my upper body recently, so I did a non-Wahoo workout in my lunch break. Kettlebells, squats etc. Now my legs are on fire. Clearly cycling doesn’t use all the muscles! Sneaked in Getting Away With It tonight as per plan. Should I press on with 90 min Z2 tomorrow or let my legs recover?

Thanks for all the wisdom on this forum by the way. It’s a really great place to read and learn.

90 min Z2 is a good recovery ride. Not too long, not too short, not too strenuous. But if your legs do feel particularly heavy, you can dial it down to a low Zone 2. Or if you’re really sore and struggling, change it to a Zone 1 recovery for only 30-60 minutes.


Thanks, that makes sense. I’m sure I’ll have the strength, maybe the soreness will get me but you’re right I can just dial it down.

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Yep. An easy session is a good idea. That said, for leaden legs, I find increasing the warmup can sometimes help bring mine around. The workouts generally have a minimal warmup, so if I get through the warmup and am just not feeling up to the first hard interval, I’ll move the cursor back and do the warmup again, or maybe do it three times.

Outside on long multi day rides, I find it can take me 20-30 min of riding to get my legs going again.


Totally agree with both Sir @emacdoug and @Saddlesaur

I often find that motion is the lotion to recovery, especially if I am tight after strenuous activity like lifting weights. A mellow cruise ride really does the trick to help my body clear out all those nasty metabolites and to warm up and stretch out my muscles.

Happy recovery @gafferbee :slight_smile:


Thanks for weighing in @WahooCoach_Corey! As is the way with these things, life got in the way on Sat so there was no recovery ride - but I woke up today and the sky was blue and the sun was shining. So I hauled my bike off the trainer, cleaned and lubed it up, put on all the new clothes I bought in the January sales and did 60 fun kilometres in the real world. The best cure!