Running SYSTM On Raspberry Pi 4 (Unofficial ;-) )

Any Raspberry Pi 4 owners or people who just maybe want a cheap/neat solution to run the new app, I’ve put together a little How To video for setting up Android 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4 and installing SYSTM. As noted in the title, this is not official so don’t expect the Minions to be able to answer your support questions on it :slight_smile:

As I already had a micro-SD card and keyboard/mouse, all in the project cost me about £75! And it’s small enough and low power enough you can basically just have it permanently on and tucked behind your TV if needed. It’s not perfect as I didn’t ever get scrubbing working, but the videos run really well, and ERG and connections seemed rock solid in my testing!

(I have zero creativity and none of the right equipment to do this kind of video properly, so no mean comments about the production quality lol :rofl: )



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Would this work on pi3?

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The build I used definitely won’t as the builds are board specific. I only really looked into the Pi 4 as I was buying specifically to try this out so went with the newest one.

Post here if you do get it working though! :slight_smile:

Will do, a few years ago I would have time to experiment, but three kids later spare time is spent of the bike :slight_smile:

Maybe I should create an inspiring video of me doing this while spinning, win win



Sir Lee - as promised. Build now complete, following video instructions.

Trainer now connected, Dogs Life 2 loaded, ready to rumble.

Fantastic job and thanks for inspiring me to make use of something this size that can run SYSTM quite happily as far as I can see. Outstanding.


Glad the instructions worked :slight_smile: enjoy!!

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I’m trying to set it up on a rpi3 model b and I’m afraid it’s not good news.

The links provided by @aerobrain are only for rpi4, but the same guy that made the builds for it, has Android 10 versions for rpi3.

However, after adding Google Play Store to the device it become excruciatingly slow that it’s taking forever to set up. I don’t expect a good user experience, but with 512MB of RAM that would be unexpected.

I’ll try to struggle with it till the end and will report back.

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So I was able to install wahoo systm on the RPI3 model B, and the user experience is terrible. While moving was slow but (just) bearable, I wasn’t able to load a single video as the exercise itself carried on.

TLDR: this setup is not worth it on an RPI 3. The device just can’t seem to handle the load needed to operate with basic functionality, let alone smoothly.


Cheers for the heads up on this. It is appreciated :slight_smile:


I tested this on a RPi 3 B+ with LineageOS 17.1 and gapps where the performance also was quite terrible. Further the video was not being displayed and the sound extremely laggy. I also was unable to connect my KICKR and TICKR.
Because of this I reinstalled and skipped the google services and just sideloaded SYSTM. The user experience was way better but still left something to desire for. The video was also still missing. But my KICKR and TICKR were working correctly.

Next I created a new SD-Card for my Pi4 (4GB of RAM) with LineageOS 18.1 without gapps, since I already knew I don’t need them anyway (aside from getting automatic SYSTM updates). I sideloaded SYSTM and the performance is awesome.
I connected to my TICKR but couldn’t connect to my KICKR which is a bit further away because it did not detect it. This is probably due to my cooling case which is a huge block of metal. I bought it because I thought I would never need Wifi or BLE on my Kodi player:

Thanks for the Idea @aerobrain, but for the moment I will stick with my Laptop. Maybe I’ll get a dedicated RPi for Sufferfest and keep my RPi 4 Kodi player. As @Afonso_Gomes reported the 1 GB of RAM on the RPi 3 B+ seems to be insufficient. You seem to need more then 1,5GB since my smart TV is runnig quite smooth but has display problems.

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Quick one, what would the performance be like on pi 4 8gb compared to using a new tablet?

For example this tablet?Hands on: Xiaomi Pad 5 review | TechRadar

The only tablet I’ve used is my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 which does run SYSTM extremely well but it’s obviously a pretty beefy tablet.

My guess is that tablet you’ve linked would run it pretty well, but like I say I’ve never used it or anything similar so couldn’t say.

The Pi was just a cheap project I did for a bit of fun as it only cost me £75 as I had some of the bits already.

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I’m waiting for restocking; i’ve bought it in the earlybird sale of late September.

Stocks run out in 10 mins.

I will be happy to give you some impressions as soon as it arrives.

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I ran session last night from my Android OnePlus 8t phone for the first time amd it was a smoother experience than using my laptop. I am not sure of that is due to the internet on my laptop being poor, or the Bluetooth connection being poor, or the laptop being nearly 10 years old or all three.

On the laptop I would have issues where the sound would get crackly and sometimes the videos would pause, none of this on the phone.

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Sir. @Martin how is the setup running this far? I’m looking to do the same as I can’t stand doing streaming from my phone.

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Perfectly. The Pi4 is happy as a happy thing, I have mine attached to a small monitor and a wee teknet remote keyboard. No issues whatsoever!!

And the Pi4 itself is tiny and relatively inexpensive for the capability it has. Ace.


Awesome! I’ve used them for other projects and it looks like I’ll be setting one up in the paincave now.



Love the idea of this do we know if there’s a way to connect an ANT+ dongle instead of blue tooth ?
Will install this over the weekend will be good to test it out, thanks for sharing.