Systm with a Peloton bike

Hi guys - quick one…does anyone have experience getting Systm running on an Android device with a Peloton bike? Is it even possible? And if so, easy?

Sorry if this has been asked before - searching for ‘peloton’ brings up quite a few posts…



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This might help:

I’ll take a look, thank you.

As more colour, I’m travelling next week, won’t have access to a bike but will be able to get on a Peloton. My usual m.o. is to explore new areas while running, but if I can get in a suf session and see off jetlag at the same time, it would be worth it.

The DCRainmaker site has a fair amount of info on the Peloton bike and using it with other apps. I never paid much attention as I don’t use a Peloton bike. FWIW: If I were in a situation where I might be able to get on one on the odd occasion, I’d use the opportunity to explore and try their content.


Yeah that crossed my mind also. I’ll be sorry on time and don’t want annoyance of spending it doing something that may end up not being what I want. At least with suf I know I can get proper suffering in!

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hey, @leebo did you ever find out anything more on this? I’m travelling for work in a few weeks and I might have access to a Peloton bike, I was wondering if I could use the bike as a turbo trainer and connect it to SYSTM on my phone – no idea if that’s possible but don’t want to pay for accessing the bike and then find out it’s not possible.

I didn’t I’m afraid. I tried a couple of the peloton sessions, but wasn’t very impressed by them nor the bike itself tbh. If you can run systm on your phone, though, you could watch that and just ride the bike as if in level mode and match the target power. And then record HR in a watch or something?

P.S. what I would say is that whilst I didn’t like the bike (and probably cos I’m used to my own steed) it was still better than not doing anything, so I’m glad I did. I was travelling again a couple of weeks ago and did go for a peloton again.


OK, thanks for the insights! I’m going to be travelling for ~9 days smack in the middle of my 12-week training plan. It looks like I will have the option of using the normal hotel gym stationary bike (which is like a recumbent and would be so weird and also harder to fit in around my work schedule), or paying £280 extra (over 4 nights) for a room with a Peloton. Which will make me 5x more likely to actually work out, and reduce the number of days without a workout from 9 to 4 or 5, but also … £280. :thinking:

If you have power meter pedals, you could take those along and run SYSTM on your phone.

If not, you could pick workouts from the Peloton bike that look most like the workout you need, or ‘just ride’ and follow a SYSTM workout as best as you can.

Not sure about your financial situation, but I’d use the funky unit in the cheaper place, or even swap it with a run or indoor row (MAP workouts are great on a rower)

That’s £280 saved, right there.

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Ouch, tough call. Suffering and $uffering!

Any chance of paying to use another hotel’s gym? That would presumably come in < 70 notes a day.

Something I typically try and do when travelling, especially with work when my schedule can be packed and not personal-time-friendly - and I am sure there is science to tell me not to do this - is just bury myself in the few days running up to it, and then be happy with doing very little for a few days knowing that I’m recovering (travel stress itself makes the recovery process slower too, I’m sure). It’s like a hard mini block plus recovery to replace whatever is on the plan for that time. Also it means that any workouts whilst away can be shorter/lighter recovery rides which helps with limited time, unfamiliar equipment etc.

9 days is perhaps a bit long for that belut maybe you can get away with 4/5, even a week, of recovery and 1 or 2 intense workouts and then home time.

Also try and use time zone differences to one’s advantage. When I travel to the US from the UK, naturally waking up several hours too early is a brilliant opportunity for some pre breakfast suffering.

Worth checking to see if there’s a Near where you’re staying. I’ve made of lot of use of them over the years and always pick my hotel based on proximity to one unless the hotel has a decent gym.

Most of them are open 24 hours and you can buy short term membership 1, 3, 7 or 30 days at a time and the prices are pretty good. It’s fun going back to the old days of simple RPE based suffering for a few days.

Realised that I made an assumption that it was a Uk hotel since you mentioned £, but of course that might not be the case so this would be totally useless :sun_with_face:

+1 for the PureGym option. I’ve used them several times when caught short with no suffering. Very useful. I can’t remember what kit they typically have, but obviously +1 for the rpe suffering also…

Presumably other chains also exist, and in other countries. You maybe don’t have to pay up for a pelotoned room.

In the UK Hussle is a great resource for finding gyms. Are they global? Or others may exist?

If you have power meter pedals, you can swap the pedals out and connect those to SYSTM. A while back I did that to do workouts in a hotel. I just used the intensity dial on the bike to act as a level mode dial. The hardest part was keeping ipad in place



@rinaf No but you can run both Peloton and SYSYM together and connect a HRM and cadence sensor. You won’t be able to record power. As an example I selected a 90 Minute Just Ride on the Peloton and then did the Tempo High Cadence 5 x 4 workout on SYSYM. It worked okay for me.

Thanks, all! I decided that if I’d have to do it based on RPE/trying to match power I’ll save my money and use whatever’s in the hotel gym. It will take a bit more effort to make sure I actually GO to the gym but like @leebo said, I can take advantage of being jet-lagged going from UK to the US west coast. And also remind myself that I won’t lose the last 6 months of fitness by missing a week of training.


@rinaf Agreed - for a week of travel sometimes I flip around my recovery weeks and stick to yoga and some recovery workouts that somewhat mirror what is on the plan. That is also a big time change so you want to be mindful of that as well.

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Ah, it was UK to West Coast I did earlier this year too. Running is also great (and cheap) way of exploring a new place (if you run?).

And as @jsampson said, it’s quite the time difference so do watch the body.

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It’s a pretty familiar trip for me, as I grew up in Los Angeles and have lived in the UK for 12+ years so have made the journey a fair few times. Going west is fine, the trouble for me is always when I come back to the UK. I should probably be more concerned about getting back into my training routine when I get home!

Ah nice. No need to run around then! And definitely agreed on the return being more painful.