Saddle equivalences

I’ve got an Astute Sky 3.0 and really like it and wanted to get another for my indoor bike, but it is a pre-2018 model and their range has changed so I can’t get exactly the same model.

Is there a website that does saddle equivalences? I tell it what model I have it it says what others are similar, or even if I give it measurements it says what matches those.

If not, are there any UK shops that do demo saddles by post? There is nowhere local to me that does it.

I am sorry i cannot help you with your website or shop questions but,
You can send them an e-mail and i am pretty sure they will happily help you.
I had sent similar mails in the past to companies and they helped me choose clothes.
Mavic even sent me a pdf with detailed measurements to help me out.

I’m struggling to see if Astute is still in business. Their Facebook site hasn’t had an update since 2018 and their website is down.

Some companies are still selling their saddles but most say out of stock. I’ve also not seen any recent product reviews.