Seasonal Allergies and Training

Seasonal allergies just don’t cause sneezing and itchy watery eyes. Headaches, fatigue, congestion, asthma, itchy skin, hives and more… even with treatments available from over the counter and allergists (allergy shots) energy levels can be zapped and negatively impact performance and training.

What are some things you do to get through allergy season and keep your training from getting derailed?

@ErickT I had some Claritin and also took a spoonful of nutritional yeast and had to take a few days off. Seemed to work. Fortunately we are now having a rainy period and it is taking care of most of the pollen. It was hot and dry on the east coast of the US this year and it really seemed to increase the pollen count.

Rainy days always help.

While riding it’s usually ok - when I stop - woah.

My usual is Claritin, Flonase, Azelastine spray, Azelastine eye drops in the morning, Singular in the evening.

Buff on when I ride, Albuterol handy if needed - definitely use prior to a race.

On rougher days another dose of Claritin or Flonase or Benadryl in the evening. Sometime I’ll use a saline spray too. Tried a sinus rinse which just resulted in intense migraine type headaches - allergist told me to stop.

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My car has been green for weeks.

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A pollen count of over 200 is considered unhealthy. What do you call a pollen count of 1290? Its called Eugene, OR - that’s where I live and that was our pollen count yesterday. We are always number #1 in the world in the pollen count this time of year, because of all the grass seed grown in this area. Its brutal. Allegra etc helps but its always hard going riding outside here this time of year.


Hi Norm - I’m north of you. It’s very miserable.

Misery loves company!

Yesterday the weather was nice and I went off plan… Since the trails were wet I stuck to the tarmac… 45 miles w 1.2k elevation gain. Wore a buff the whole time… fast forward to last night and this morning - super congested, headache, etc. even with rain overnight and meds and being adequately hydrated refueled. :man_facepalming::deciduous_tree::ear_of_rice:

Same here in DC, tree pollen in the spring is off the charts, I can’t help but ride outside b/c of the weather but pay for it later. Same advice as others, zyrtec, flonase, saline spray (not a sinus wash) and advair as needed. All I can say is misery loves company :wink:

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