Hi all,

Just thought I’d share this.

Had my first ever Kenalog hayfever inject a few weeks ago, it’s been revolutionary. I struggle quite a bit with hayfever.

Moods better, virtually no symptoms!

I’d also like to add I’m just a regular punter and not linked in any way to any medical service.

Please check with a doctor before trying though.

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Oooh this is interesting. I’m a massive allergy sufferer - it starts early April, runs to late September.

One thing I notice is that it never effects me whilst riding (though sunglasses help, and I wear them all day every day, April to September!) abut the second I stop I’m in pieces.

I see you’re in the UK. Was it NHS? Or can you just buy it? I’m very interested.

I paid for it at a private practice. £65 but worth every penny I’d say.

If you’re thinking of it please speak to a professional first, I’m not a doctor.

Totally understood, and thank you. I will get on to this.

I have to carry medication for a more serious allergy, but if this worked for me it would have a significant impact on quality of life.

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This is worth reading as part of any decision process:

Thank you. Personally I have concern that it may interact with other things I have going on, so I won’t be treading anything but extremely cautiously and with appropriate expert advice.

very happy for you, I plan to do the same and your example is inspiring :smiling_face:

I forgot to say (too obsessed with worrying my own **** it) that this is great. I’m pleased for you. Hopefully it lasts too.