Seatpost Slipping

I got a new bike about a month ago (Cervelo Aspero). I’ve noticed after a few rides the seatpost slips down. It’s not something a check everyday, but notice a change in saddle comfort while riding. I move it back up each time, but was wondering if anyone else has ever had the problem and if there is a good remedy.

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Search for FSA carbon grip paste and buy some. Pull the seat post, clean it and the downtube hole. Spread a thin layer of the carbon grip paste on the seat post from the end where it goes in the downtube to about an inch-ish away from where it sits when at the right height. Reinstall seatpost and torque to spec.

There’s other grip pastes out there, I’ve always had the best luck with the FSA stuff because it seems to have more bite to it than some of the others I’ve tried (muc-off & park) so I recommend it.


Carbon paste and a torque wrench to make sure everything is as it should.
Also recommend FSA one, if you can’t find it Morgan blue is also nice.

If there is too much tolerance between post and frame, there is the vinil plastic sheet method.


I have the same issue with my recently bought Polygon Helios A8 bike too… I only noticed the seat post really slipped down after the L’etape Johor ride recently and my word, it slipped down by about 12cm from my preferred seat post height which led me to having some IT band sores.

I am trying out the plastic vinyl hack introduced by Trace Velo and will see if it really does help. :crossed_fingers:

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I use a torque wrench for everything on my Cervelo Caledonia-5 and have had no similar issues.

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Or, could it be lesser brands’ tolerances are not as tight as the branded ones?