Second Annual Tour Recovery Beverage Poll

Since there are many different types of recovery beverages besides alcohol, it would be interesting to know what are your favorite recovery beverages.

Based on feedback from last year’s poll, you can make up to three choices.

  • Beer
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Sports Drink
  • Hard Alcohol
  • Wine
  • Milk
  • Carbonated Beverage
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fruit Drink
  • Other

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If you are interested in last year’s results, they are here:

Chocolate milk for the win. 20g protein, 70g carbs and fluid replacement.
Tastes good and you can get it anywhere.



I completely agree. It is my recovery drink.


If I’m feeling disciplined, SiS REGO (Strawberry)
If the sun is over the yard arm, I like a Guiness.
Otherwise I’m kind of hooked on Fanta, since first doing Attacker years ago.

Some days…all 3… :wink:

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Non-alcoholic beer, especially Guinness 0.0%! Tastes “close enough” to the real thing to be fully enjoyable as a drink and no performance guilt the next day.

As this tour goes on, I suspect this drink will evolve into Guinness + espresso or a Guinness float to keep the energy levels sufficiently topped off. :icecream:


Chocolate milk and some Nuun immediately after the ride. I generally do my riding first thing in the morning, so more adult beverages wait til later in the day. Right now, that’s Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA, though I might have to find myself some Guinness to properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!!


When I’m serious about it, I make a shake with 50% kefir, 50% vanilla soy milk, and a small scoop of vanilla whey powder. Tastes like a vanilla shake from a fast-food chain.