Selective memory loss

I rode A Very Dark Place this afternoon. I was thinking before I started that it would be good to try this workout. After the first interval, I was thinking there was no way I was going to finish. Somewhere in the second I said to myself there was no way I wouldn’t finish. Other than sitting for a couple of stand sections, I completed the workout with full compliance.

So why selective memory loss as my topic? I realized looking at activity history when I was done that I did AVDP two weeks ago and completely blacked the experience and memory of it out of my mind. Not sure I would have done it so soon again otherwise. Is that me getting older or is that a thing that happens?


Sometimes we block out unpleasant experiences. :slight_smile:
It is a mental preservation survival skill.


It’s called dissociative amnesia - memory loss brought on by severe trauma. :wink:


I guess when I did 14 Vise Grips today, it could not have been that bad, since I (I think) remember everything, including those 2 minute efforts.


I did VG a few months ago, but forgot all the details about that one too.

I would presume that is normal forgetfulness. We do not remember the details of everything we have done.

I remember those guys playing a game on their bikes, is it bike polo or wheel-ball or bike soccer? Seeing a burning bus and GvA promising an easy video for a change.

I think that was Half is Easy, not 14 Vice Grips.

I know it’s HIE. Just reinforcing the idea that we don’t remember everything we’ve done.

Like I’ve got nothing on 14VG, except that there’s some controversy on it. Like it was supposed to be 10 intervals, and not sure if it should be Vise Grips, Vice Grips or Mole Grips.

What’s a mole grip? Does that Jean something?

Edit: “mean” not “Jean”

I like my vice grip pliers! I often use them instead of an adjustable wrench, especially when I’m trying to hold a nut still while unscrewing or screwing the bolt. Not for bike adjustments though.

In any case, still doesn’t answer what a mole grip is. Do moles have especially sharp and grippy little paws? Weird image to be gripped by a mole. Although a RUS mole might be terrifying.

It does, they were created in Britain in the 1940s. It’s way, way, way, way down in the article I posted.

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Sorry. I didn’t read far enough down. I see it now.