AVDP final sprint

anyone able to stand at 110 cadence on the final sprint of A Very Dark Place? I couldn’t even stand. I think I got to 100 seated for a few seconds.


This came up recently somewhere, but I forget where - I think the stand cadence issues in AVDP (and other videos) are on the list that is being ‘looked at’

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I did AVDP recently and was ok tbh. Personal preference maybe, but I find sprints like that ok in general and the constant in & out of the saddle during that 5th set sort of warms me up for the finale. What is NOT ok is those damn cobbles and Cancellara during the 4th - I have never completed that interval without dying :frowning_face:

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wrt to that discussion you mention @Martin, this specific one is an actual sprint (ok, slow motion climber sprint :wink: ) . It even has a muahahahaa. So I reckon GvA will be happy enough with his instructions and will crush any dissent in the ranks. Doesn’t mean we have to like it and/or won’t fail miserably to comply! Really tough after grinding up that hill though.

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Avdp. Yup

Hmm, confused a bit. Can’t share because it was posted somewhere not here if that’s what you mean.

Well… Standing isn’t one of my strengths to begin with, although MAP is. Regardless, that last dark place with all the out of the saddle work really got me before the sprint. I’d have trouble doing a standing 110rpm on fresh legs, but after 5 dark places it just wasn’t happening. Always next time, I guess