Setting up a Wahoo Kickr Snap - what gear do I use?


New user here. I’ve just invested in a new Wahoo KICKR Snap and I would like some guidance on how to set myself up in the correct gear ratio for ERG training mode.

I’ve had a bit of a play so far, but not with anything too challenging so far to get used to the KICKR and Sufferfest combo before attempting a fitness test. To get the best result I imagine I need to set the correct gear as well as tension on the back wheel. The tension I believe I have right. Most of the time I am in high ratio on the front and mid-range on the rear. How do I know if this is right?

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

I also use the Snap. Basically for ERG mode I put it on the middle ring up front and mid-stack on the back, to minimize chain stress. The only time I might change that is for really low recovery efforts, as I know that combo on the Snap bottoms out around 90W @ 90rpm for me. Usually I just leave it alone and slow my cadence for the rest wattage.

I’m sure others here can offer more detailed analysis, but that’s my go-to.

Cheers and welcome!


@Trike_Guy I agree with @CPT_A - I have the Kickr Core use the same middle ground gearing most of the time in ERG. Shane Miller has a good video on gearing in ERG that you might find helpful.

Shane Miller ERG Mode Gearing Selection


Took me a month or 2 to properly get used to erg mode and learn when to leave it to it’s thing and when to intervene by changing gear.

Biggest change that stick with me was a comment that you just hold the cadence at the end of a hard internal until the trainer starts to release. I still live by this. If I hear off early, the trainer can start ramping up, reverb though it’s supposed to ease off.

Everyone’s experience differs, but loads of great advice on here and the Suf website

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