Setup advice

Hello all,

I’m looking for some advice on my setup. I started using The sufferfest + a tacx flow smart early march. I still had an old (childsize) road bike which I adapted so it still kind of fits me.
My outdoor riding is only mtb’ing. I recently ordered a new mtb, and due to space limitations I need to get rid of a bike, which will be the old road bike. Hence I would like to use my old mtb on my trainer but also for my daily use of regular riding (shop, taking children to school,…), this does sometimes include riding some gravel roads (cars are not allowed on them so it makes for a more pleasant ride). Since my current mtb tyres are too knobby, I was wondering if anyone else is using his mtb on his trainer and what tyres they are using? I also rather not buy a new wheel or tyre and swap them every day. So are most of you using slick tires on your mtb? or is anyone succesfully using a gravel tire?


I gave up using road (slick) tyres on my MTB with a wheel on trainer they wore out really fast ( pile of rubber dust all over the floor a nightmare to clean up) and I kept getting blowouts when sprinting. Since changing to a turbo specific tyre I’ve not had any problems in thousands of virtual miles. I did have to buy a spare wheel and cassette to go with the tyre but the cheapest second hand wheel you can find will be fine.

That’s indeed what I thought was gonna be the easiest solution, but I do get kind of lazy sometimes so wanted to avoid swapping wheels. But I’ll start looking out for a second wheel.