Share the SUF love with our new 'Refer a Friend' program

In our ongoing mission to share the Gospel of Grunter von Agony with Couchlandrians and non-Sufferlandrians everywhere, we’re launching our new Refer a Friend program. This program allows you to send a promo code good for a free month of SUF (in addition to the standard 14-day free trial) to up to 3 of your friends, family, riding buddies, or closet Couchlandrians.

To use the program, go to and click on ‘Refer a Friend’. Once you get to the form, enter the email address of the person you want to gift a 30-day promo code to (you can do this up to 3 times). They’ll receive an email congratulating them which will include the promo code as well as your name so they know who to thank / curse.

Thanks for sharing the SUF love.


Is this no longer an option? Wanted to share som SUF love/pain with a friend.

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Was just going to ask the same thing - @dylan.robbins @David.McQuillen.KoS ?