Winter Kit Ideas

I’m looking at finally sorting out a proper set of winter kit so just wanted to harvest the hive my Nd for ideas :slight_smile:

I’m mainly looking at colder days on the 0-5c range and mostly gentle to tempo longer rides as opposed to flat out heat generating workouts :slight_smile:

Basically my first question is, does the below list look like the right sort of stuff and secondly hit me with some makes/models to give me some inspiration!

Base Layer (I have a fleecy under armour that already works well)

Windproof/water repellent winter jacket (bright colored)

Some kind of packable waterproof

Thermal cap (already have one of these)

Neck buff


Thermal winter bib tights

Overshoes (got a pair but they’ll need replacing soon)

I’m generally allergic to rain if it’s forecast to be anything more than a brief shower, so I don’t think I need too much waterproofing.

Budget wise i generally go mid range but if there’s some mind blowing awesome jacket for example then I may be tempted to treat myself. I also generally prefer a close fit, but I’m 95kg so sometimes I get no choice in that anyway :rofl:

Anyway, let me hear your suggestions :slight_smile:

The Castelli Perfetto deals with a lot of situations as it’s wind proof/water resistant. Gore do some good windproof bib tights. If you look around you might be able to get a good deal on both.


The Perfetto was on my radar. I’ll check that and the Gore bibs out, cheers!

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Maybe add a thin glove liner - which you can add or remove as needed. You may also like a baclava instead of a neck gaiter and hat or the option to wear all 3 depending on conditions. I am a MTBer and depending on wind I also find a nylon shell pant over my winter tights can make a huge difference some days. Most of my stuff is Pearl Izumi.

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I had the original short sleeve perfetto and now the long sleeve and they’re both excellent.

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I think my LBS stocks Pearl Izumi…

I can testify for their excellence, short or long sleeved. I love 'm…

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The Peal Izumi AmFib winter cycling tights work most excellently for me in all conditions here in Michigan, whether I am commuting, Fat Biking for fun, Fat Bike racing, training rides, etc…and rain, sleet, snow, and dark of night. Never cold in them.


Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Completely different take, but layering around Sporthill 3SP tops. They are known for XC skiing, running but work really well for cold weather cycling or mountain biking too. Different materials at the front than at the back. I’m comfortable in this down to around 5F as long as moving.


I’d like to add a Helmet to use in Winter, e.g I have a well aereated CASCO speedairo for summer and when weather is rainy or Cold i use a Kask infinity which can be closed so am less exposed to elements. And if during the ride more cooling is needed i open the lid. Not many of those, but nowadays specialized or Giro have “less open” helmets also. Sinc ei believ Kask infinity is no longer produced


My biggest problem with outdoor winter riding is frozen hands. Here in the desert it gets chilly while also being very dry. Even tho my body can bear the 30’s and 40’s, my hands can’t. I did one ride outside last winter when it was around 45 degrees and my hands were frozen after only 5-10 minutes. I could barely shift or brake and then my hands hurt SOOO bad as they warmed up it was nearly unbearable. I came inside and laid down on the carpet with my hands in my jacket and under my torso for about 15 minutes before they warmed up enough to start hurting. Anyone have any tips for some good cycling gloves that aren’t super bulky while also being wind and cold resistant?


I use Pearl Izumi winter gloves and add in glove liners. The extra wicking makes a difference and it also adds an additional layer to capture warmth. The lobster claw style glove also might be worth looking into as well - keeping two fingers together. Note that if you are not layered properly the 1st places it will show up is hands and feet. As an example I would bike in the winter and always had trouble with keeping my feet warm despite winter tights and Sidi winter boots and warm socks. I added nylon pants over the tights as a wind breaker and the problem was solved.


Try sealskinz gloves. I use them with a set of PI warmers down to about the 40’s.

At a certain point, you might as well get something like lobsters, but I’ve ridden in 15-20 degree days without the need for those. Water bottles freezing… that’s a different issue!


You can have the warmth and the resistance but I’m afraid bulk comes in.
Which is what I do, and to be honest it doesn’t get in the road.

I quite simply went for heated gloves. End of story.
Otherwise I’d be missing some digits by now.
Have never solved the foot problem … heat pads help.


Fech - now they’re a pest. The Strathpuffer a couple of years back was a joke for that.
I got 5-7 minutes in to every lap before I just carried a frozen bottle of ice around the course for an hour … for laps on end. Ended up doing the first twenty minute climb with the bottle inside my jacket … drinking where possible then abandoning it to the cage for the rest.

So - if terrain allows … shove it inside your jacket … keeps the nozzle from freezing


Do overshoes, socks, or sleeves over your shoes help at all? I haven’t tried them, yet.

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Am I the only one thinking all this winter kit might be overkill for the indoor riding season?


100% they do. The thicker the better.

Boots even better again - I switched to boots a few years back though - and that’s just a better all round solution than summer shoes with their vents, just covered with overshoes.

For my riding it’s

  1. summer - normal shoes
  2. spring and autumn - either shoes with overshoes if it’s still warm, but forecast to wet, or boots
  3. Winter - boots and possibly heat pads too.

For both road and MTB.

Depends on if I leave my garage door open or not. :grin: