Should I retest?

Hi folks, I did a HM 9 days ago and it started too low as I(was close but) ran “off the ramp” without hitting the wall!! So 48hrs later I did the 4DP… Got good NM/AC results but the FTP/MAP were not that good( fatigue from the HM, hit the MAP too hard?..IDK)…I started a 12 week SYSTM prog based on these results but the 2 interval sessions I’ve since done( AVDP and Who Dares)were not as hard as I expected. Should I take a break, delete the calendar, leave it a few days and do a HM based on my current levels (which will work me to failure)? I’m a bit put off the 4DP as there’s really too much scope for human error to adversely affect results and not give an accurate picture of what’s going on? The HM at least has a structure that can be repeated consistently. I’m just not wanting to proceed(IE waste time!) if I’m not working to my true FTP/MAP which are my definite weak areas…?? Any suggestions?? My first HM on the prog is 8 weeks in…could be valuable time lost… Or is the program “breaking me in gently”?? ( I didn’t sandbag the 4DP, hit 180bpm(I’m 54!), metallic taste in the mouth and felt it went as it should but who knows?!)

Just replace an upcoming Sufferfest workout with HM. That should correct your numbers without affecting your training load.


My answer is usually “Yes”, but @Sir_Brian_M’s is much more comprehensive. :slight_smile:


Today has been a rest day…
So tomorrow I’m scheduled
(3hr) Z2 Endurance
(1hr 45m) Z3 Tempo Cadence build 1x45
(45m)Cadence Builds and Holds
53m Recovery ride
“The Chores” (Sufferfest MAP/FTP focussed!!!)
I’m deffo doing the Thursday, but looking at the rest leading to that it’s not so critical- I’m usually high Z2/Z3 and until I started this was frequently doing 100km 3:30 rides on Kings’n’Queens RGT. The “Cadence Builds and Holds” is all about NM which as I said was ok (actually the best bit of the 4DP) so could lose that… I’m gonna do a 3/4hrs+ (try and hit 100km) Z2 tomorrow (I don’t get how they put a 3hr Z2 and a 1hr45m Z3 on consecutive days anyway?!) have a 1hr Z1 recovery on Sunday, rest Monday then do the Half Monty on Tuesday and a 1hr Z1 recovery Wednesday, back into “The Chores” and programme on Thursday?

Think that makes logical sense to me…I wanted to do this 12 week programme to shake up my stale routine of long rides but never any intervals to raise the level…

Agreed with @Sir_Brian_M and Dir @emacdoug that you should retest as soon as you can. Doing Half Monty again with the revised numbers should ensure that you don’t run off the end of the ramp and get valid results.

You’re supposed to hit this hard in Full Frontal. It should be a max five minute effort - it hurts. The FTP number from the 20 minute test is adjusted to take this previous effort into account. I usually feel pretty average for the first few minutes of the 20 minute effort in FF, and then start to settle in after that.


Absolutely do not hold anything back for the 20mins. That’s the point.


I’ve also got 4DP results that don’t feel right. However, for me it’s just ftp. My plan is to test at the end of the first rest week in my plan. It’s recommended to be a bit fresh even for the HM.

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Nothing was held back I know that for sure but as the many vids I watched prior to the 4DP say you can’t just go in WAY too hard and blow up or vice versa, and I know from the tail off and what I was holding on to I got it ok… I took a KOM from an asshole I work with back in October and had to pace that exactly the same way- a 700m 7% rooty MTB climb (3m37s, not exactly fast but I’m 20 years older, 21 kg heavier and slightly shorter than him lol)and the estimated watts from Strava and from a generic calculator all came damn close to what my 5 minute MAP was in the 4DP, and same metallic (is it blood?!) taste and creeping nausea to the end… ! I may do the HM before I do the endurance ride, may be much fresher legs… but as I’ve said (and the likes of Cam Nicholls from RCA have said on YouTube) the HM is enough to be monitoring the elements I need to work on and if it’s less physically taxing then maybe it can be done monthly to better monitor yourself??

Oh man. Sweet, sweet victory!


Welp. I always suggest the 7 day test prep plan that includes a HM on day 3 and FF on day 7. Gives a consistent lead-in to the FF and the HM sets targets for the FF (which I try to just beat) making it much easier to pace. It’s killer and it’s def a solid week of workouts. You got anything better to do?