Single leg drills ~ Cadence

I removed my Wahoo cadence sensor last week & now rely on a Virtual Cadence. Doing single leg drills my recorded Cadence was 1/2 of reality. Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix or should I just know to target 50% of required value?

Which device are you getting cadence from for virtual cadence? Is that from your trainer?

That would be what I would have expected because virtual cadence works by detecting the power pulse over top dead centre. During single leg drills there is only 1 pulse per revolution rather than 2 from 2 legs. Why did you remove your cadence sensor?

It’s coming from the Wahoo Kickr Core.
With the upgrade in firmware mid 2020?, I figured no reason for the real sensor on my training bike. I’ve put it on my MTB to get some real data whilst outriding