So no February challenge

So I guess because of the Tour that will not be named we don’t get challenge this month?


I was wondering the same…


There were challenges last February and March so I would expect one this year as well.


Be careful what you wish for!




If you go to The Company web site the Wahoo X challenge page redirects to the Wahoolimabob Tour info page. So, you may as well join the Citizens of Sufferlandria and help us kick the official Wahooli’ans in their Wahoolimabutts!


Disappointing, encourages me to do workouts that I may have put out of mind in the cold Indiana winters. Hope this is not a sign of things to come, it cannot be hard to pick four workouts and call them a challenge. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pick some on my own.

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Oh let me encourage you.

  1. Full Frontal
  2. Violator
  3. Defender
    and to give you a break,
  4. Half is Easy.

Consider yourself challenged


Rupert.HWahoo X-perience Manager

If the suggested 7 workouts is done in february and not on the dates… what will be the bagde for this alternative «challenge»?


There is no alternative badge. The challenge for February is the Wahooligan Tour, if you do the workouts within the time window you receive the Tour badge, if not you can still do the stages for yourself if you ware looking for workouts to do :slight_smile:


I can look up each of the stages in the two routes to find out the Duration, TSS, IFF and 4DP focus, but is there a table of that info for the stages in the two routes?

Before I can enter this holy quest may I enquire what badge you would design for this? :grin:

I’d like to see my favourite animal to bowhunt but with laser eyes. An Alligator like that would be a sight to behold. :wink:


All new content for the March challenge? That sounds very exciting and encouraging.


Brilliant Sir@Glen.Coutts. The top one I’ve seen as that’s what they look like at night.
The bottom picture would certainly elicit the NM sprint bit that I need for this years BMX races if I want another championship.

The challenge was accepted so that I can print the badge out when complete.



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Reminds me of some Pink Floyd lyrics…

Crazy…toys in the attic he is crazy…truly gone fishing…they must have taken your marbles away.

Pretty sure GvA would approve! Check back in when you get out :wink:

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Great, so now I have to avoid completing these 7 rides in February. Otherwise I get a badge I don’t want. #neverawahooligan


to be fair, you won’t get the Wahooliwrong Route or the Sufferlandrian Route badges unless you do the rides during the timeframe each ride is open during the stages of the Wahoolimabob Tour. You can see the rides in the Progress tab, under Awards. There’s a drop down of rides and what days they’d qualify for the badge. All you need to do is miss one of them and GvA’s your uncle.

Trust me, it’s VERY easy not to get a badge. I’ve missed most of them this winter during an extended recce in…



Love the mega-croc!

Truth be told, IMO the laser goats were (and still are) good in the context of the video where they were featured, but they very quickly became overdone. They were being mentioned ALL THE TIME.

The key for me, whether it be Fluffy, the goats, or this mega-croc is that they should only show up occasionally to remind you to never let your guard down.


Lol! I actually kinda like the LG’s. They remind me to not take myself too seriously and usually give me a chuckle. I also really like the new KoS decal, even though the OG one is classic. That poster from the 10th ToS is suffing awesome! I also love it on my gilet, though, it doesn’t fit me anymore (it’s a 2XL and I’m not :slight_smile: ) and I might have to add that to my draws/auctions of all the old ToS posters, my XL wahoominati jersey, SUF ovals and other SUF stickers.